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LP 703 Wrist support

Neoprene wrist support PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£8.25 *

LP 704 Ankle support

Neoprene ankle support PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL
£8.25 *

LP 705 Thigh support

Neoprene thigh support PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£10.25 *

LP 706 Knee support

Neoprene closed patella support PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£10.25 *

LP 708 Knee support

Neoprene open patella support PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£13.25 *

LP 709 Knee stabiliser

Neoprene knee stabiliser with buckles PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£29.99 *

LP 710 Hinged knee stabiliser

Neoprene hinged knee stabiliser PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; XS // S // M // L // XL

£29.99 *

New LP 605 Palm Brace

Helps avoid the pain and instability resulting from an injured or weak palm. 

£5.75 *

LP 725 Wrist Splint

Neoprene Wrist Splint provides support for weak or stiff wrists. Aids in treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome. Spoon stay amy be removed as healing progresses for customised treatment
£12.99 *

LP 732 Shoulder support

Provides compression and support to shoulder and aids healing of the shoulder. 

£33.99 *

LP 769 Patella brace

Neoprene patella brace ONE SIZE FITS ALL
£8.25 *

LP 775 Ankle support

Neoprene ankle support with stay and strap PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE; S // M // L // XL

£20.25 *

LP 789 Ice/hot pack

  • easy to use 
  • fully adjustable 
  • safe and effective 
£19.99 *

New Ultimate Performance Kinesiology Tape

A rehabilitative taping technique applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles and support muscles movement. Kinesiology taping is designed to improve the body's natural healing process by helping to increase blood flow around the muscle. It is non-restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion; the wave pattern adhesive backing moves with the skin and muscles.
£9.99 *

Vulcan back support

Neoprene back support ONE SIZE

£32.00 *

LP 722 Ankle Support (with zipper)

Effective for minor athletic related injuries, weak or painful joint disorders. Helps ankle heal faster post injury. 

£12.25 *

LP 753 Wrist Wrap

Provides firm support around weakened and strained area. 

£8.25 *

LP 756 Knee Support Closed Patella

Provides firm support and uniform compression for weak or overstressed knees. 

£11.25 *

LP 755 Thigh Support

Provides comfortable compression and therapeutic warmth to the quadriceps and hamstring areas. 

£11.25 *

LP 715 Magnetic waist support

Magnets provide therapeutic warmth. For rehabilitation after back surgery and relif of back pain. Helps support the lower back and eliminate excess water weight. 

£26.99 *

LP 757 Ankle Support

Helps your ankle heal faster following injury. Relieves pain due to strains or stiffness.

£8.99 *

LP 763 Wrist/Thumb Support

Supports weak or injured wrists. 

£10.25 *

LP 702 Elbow Support

Helps reduce pain due to tendinitis and tennis elbow. Protects against scrapes and bruises. 

£8.25 *
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