This is a group for multi-sport outdoor enthusiasts. The Kilcot Flyers offer Running (on and off-road) Cycling (again on and off-road) and Swimming, indoors and out. 

There will be opportunities to do hill walking, kayaking and climbing also, but some opportunities will be limited to finding specialist businesses to host the group when there are no qualified leaders.

The Kilcot Flyers are not a club, there is no paid membership and the group are not affiliated. The group is self-financing.

The group has a president, but no committee. It relies on Route Captains to organise and lead each activity.

“We welcome all abilities. We welcome members of running clubs who may want to take part in the non-running activities with us, or would just like to run in different places.”

The sign of a good run! 


Thirsty Thursday, 6.30 from Newent Lake car park for up to an hour of trotting (please check time and location on Kilcot Flyers Facebook group).

The group will run at a pace to suit the group, and work up a thirst to have one or two at the best little pub Cobblers (Church Street).  Hi-viz and head torch required in the winter months.

‘Thirsty Thursdays’… work up a thirst to have one or two at the best little pub Cobblers

Cycling… on and off-road

Indoor and outdoor swimming

Running & Walking Sportswear, Equipment & Accessories Shop

Gooch Sports Newent supplies Kilcot Flyers Sports Kit as well as a range of Running and Walking Equipment and Accessories.

If you would like further information please call Gooch Sports on 01531-821084 or pop into the shop and ask for Julia.